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Covid-19 Safety Instructions

As the Covid-19 cases have risen in our state lately, there has been a renewed emphasis on wearing face coverings in public spaces both inside and outside. While we receive mixed messages from the “experts” we will continue to require face coverings in our services.

We understand that it can get hot sometimes and  our A/C units run almost constatntly. This makes wearing masks less comfortable. We are working to keep the thermostats at a more comfortable temperature but only have a certain amount of control. Be aware that keeping it cooler in the sanctuary may make some sections especially under the cooling ducts colder. If you prefer to sit near the back you may need a sweater.

We understand that sometimes we need some “fresh air”. To assure everyone of safety and to facilitate comfort as best we can we ask that you follow these guidelines.

1.      While entering and leaving the building and as you greet one another face coverings are required. 

2.      During all times of singing face coverings are required except those leading on the platform who will keep extended distance from each other and the congregation. 

3.      During the message time, if you are non-symptomatic in any way including coughs or sneezing due to allergies or any other cause and you are distanced at least 6 feet from the people in front of you, you may remove your mask for brief periods of time for fresh breaths. We request that you maintain face covering for the vast majority of your time in the sanctuary. This allowance is made with the understanding that if people take advantage of this and remove their face covering for extended periods of time, we will return to the previous rule of keeping our masks on for the whole service.

Our goal is to follow the best understood guidelines. The information seems to change quite often and many people hear many reports that may or may not be accurate. We always want to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We need to be considerate of those with less health tolerance who may be more susceptible to this and other viruses. We also want to maintain a testimony to our community that we desire to protect them as well as ourselves.

We will not conform to forms of government oppression such as being held to different standards than the community at large. We will not eliminate group prayer or singing as some states have required. We will continue to meet and worship our Lord but always with the desire to honor God and all people as we do.

Thanks for your cooperation in these difficult times. Rest assured that God is working in amazing ways. We have the hope that people need. We are a testimony. Share this hope with your friends and neighbors.