Celebrate the Truth


 November 12, 2016 • Mt. Auburn United Methodist Church, Greenwood, IN • 8:30 - 3:00


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Discover how to make faith-building and lasting memories through creative seasonal celebrations when you attend a one-day event called Celebrate the Truth. You will be trained to intentionally use decorations and activities to make God’s truth come alive in ways that will be fun for your family and friends. Most importantly, you will see that God wants you, your children and grandchildren to spend time with Him.

Using the concept of "separate and then celebrate" during the most popular Christian holidays--Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter--your activities will become rich with meaning while staying focused on the person of Jesus Christ. The workshops (one in the fall and one in the spring) consist of several short teaching sessions from Scripture, each followed by an appropriate hands-on activity or application. The day is packed with ideas that will enable you to make each season less stressful, more fulfilling, and truly God-honoring.

Easter is all about Christ's love, redemption, and resurrection. Yet most of the decorations we use at Easter are more truthfully representative of springtime. We will show you how to make a separate celebration so that God is magnified, truth comes alive, and the message of Easter is clearly seen.

We will encourage you to put the easter bunny in his rightful place (the first day of spring) where he can more truthfully teach us about our Creator God. There will be activities for the entire week of Easter that will allow you to prepare for and focus on the glorious resurrection of Christ.

In the fall we will be talking about the Christmas holidays. Then when you gather around the table at Thanksgiving, watch with delight as the children decorate gingerbread boys, have your devotions during the season of Advent, celebrate the birth of Christ, and when you take down the decorations--always you and your family will be reminded of Christ.

A Celebrate the Truth conference encourages men and women to live out their values, celebrating in such a way that others will embrace their Christian faith. This workshop is packed with ideas you can personalize and teach to your families and friends; use in a home schooling classroom; or use in a Sunday School classroom.

Each participant will receive a daily journal, notes, recipes, a list of resources, crafts, festive food, and more. They will leave with an awful lot for such a small cost.

Would your church or small group like to host a Celebrate the Truth conference? The cost is minimal and the attendees are sure to feel delighted, energized, and inspired!

Any questions feel free to contact Lois at 704-843-4237 or   loisg@cefcmonroe.org   or Julia at 704-233-5274  or Julia @cefcmonroe.org.



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