October 5, 2020

There is something special about being together as a church body. I know that we are commanded in scripture to not forsake the assembling together of believers. But I believe that coming together for worship is more than fulfilling a command. The encouragement and fellowship are sweet. Studying God’s Word together is always beneficial to us. And on those Sunday’s that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together there is an added bonus of closeness and worship.

I want to share a word of encouragement to each of you. We are over 6 months into the CoronaVirus Pandemic. It is getting harder and harder to tolerate the inconveniences of this virus. We want to have our freedoms back. We want to shake hands and share hugs. We want to see each other smile. But let me encourage you to remain diligent.

As we have seen this past weekend with the President, there is a clear opportunity to get and spread this virus. I am grateful that we are learning more and more about it. I am thankful that we are discovering better treatments and prevention techniques. I am most grateful that we are learning how to prevent it from becoming deadly in more situations. The fear has clearly diminished which is good until we become over confident.

As I reflect on all of this I am reminded of our spiritual lives. We are commanded in scripture to fear the Lord. Oftentimes as believers we want to overlook this teaching or at least soft sell it. We know that our sins are forgiven. We know that our destination is heaven. We know that we will not pay the eternal price for our sin.

But sometimes we can get over confident or even ignore the ongoing command to fear the Lord. When this becomes a sin of omission in our lives, we tend to do things that we would never do otherwise. We are more susceptible to sin entering in.  When we feel like there is really no punishment for our sin or that no one will know, we open the door to the devil.

The encouragement for today is to remain diligent in following the guidance of our medical professionals in regards to this virus. Don’t get over confident and believe that you or those around you are invincible. And heed the words of the Lord. Don’t take your salvation for granted and believe that we don’t have to follow all the Lord calls us to. He is the great physician not only over our physical bodies but also our spiritual bodies. Your life will always be healthier and stronger when you live it for the Lord. Be holy as He is holy.

Be blessed.

-Pastor Gary