December 23, 2020

Is there much more to say? Merry Christmas!  Christmas is about Christ. God born in a manger. We don’t say it that way very often but that is really what it is all about. It is about God. It is about a baby born in a manger. It is about a baby that is God. It is about all of these things.

We must never separate these truths. Jesus was fully man. He was fully God. He was born of a virgin. He lived in the world in which we all find ourselves. He encountered all the temptations we encounter. He was confronted with the ease and acceptability of sin in society. Yet He never sinned. He never succumbed to the trappings of the world.

John tells us that God so loved the world… That is why Jesus came. But He could have said no. He could have just destroyed it all and started over. He could have left us to our own ways and walked away. But He loves us too much for that.

Jesus also has great compassion for us. Matthew 14:14 tells us how Christ responds in compassion. Think about what is happening in this passage. Jesus has just been informed that John the Baptist had been beheaded. He climbed in a boat and headed to a secluded place to pray and mourn. He wanted to be alone. He was emotionally hurting.

But when he climbed out of the boat there was a crowd of people waiting. They pressed in on Him. He had compassion and He healed the sick. After spending the balance of the day healing, the disciples encouraged Him to send them away to get food. But He refused. He fed them with just a small meal provided by a boy. Five thousand men plus women and children. 5 little sardines and 2 small pieces of bread. He blessed the food and the people.

Jesus looked down from heaven and saw the sin and suffering of His creation. He saw the hopelessness of our lives. He saw sickness and pain. He saw injustice. He saw anger and greed. He saw emotional pain and suffering. He saw sorrow. He looked about this creation that needed that which we could not provide for ourselves.

Jesus said, “I’ll go.” He decided that you and I are worth saving. He had compassion and love. He was willing to give up all the splendor of heaven to come to us. He set aside comfort and peace. He set aside His position as God. He set aside everything to enter into our world, our lives. He set it all aside to provide a way out of the results of our sin and bring forgiveness. He provides righteousness. He provides joy and peace. Jesus came as a baby so He could live, experience and overcome all that we endure. He did it all so we could spend eternity with Him in heaven.

He became a baby born on earth so we could be glorified to heavenly bodies. He came to make a way for us to enter His place of habitation. We have gained entrance because He entered a body and came to this earth.

Enjoy the salvation He has provided. Live in His love and compassion. And share the same with those around you. See in the eyes of people a need beyond your own and through the power of Christ in your life, meet that need. If we reach into the lives of others, we can know that God will reach into ours as well.

Merry Christmas!   Christ the Savior is born.

-Pastor Gary