August 2, 2020

Yesterday I had the privilege of completing the preaching series on the Core Values of our church. It is an important topic. Not just because they will help guide us as we work together to build God’s Kingdom and glorify Him, but because each core value is based in the Word of God and how He calls us to live our lives.

So, what do we know? We are called to live with a Biblical World View. This is based on what we know to be true from Scripture (Doctrine). 

Here is a reminder of that statement.

Living in a biblical world view starts with God. God exists and reigns over all His creation. God wants a relationship with us, so He made this possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our sinful nature and demonic forces are constantly at work to break this relationship. As we come to God in prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit provides us understanding and proper application of the Word of God to our lives. This Word reveals truth about ourselves and informs how we should live in relationship with God and others. As the Holy Spirit transforms us, and as we become more like Christ, we take on His characteristics and priorities, and are empowered to impact the world. This is a high calling and a difficult challenge.

With this World View we can seek to be on mission for God. What is the mission? Our mission is to glorify God and build his kingdom. But we must always be asking ourselves how we are going to live on this mission. What are the guiding principles that keep us on mission? 

We believe that our Core Values are to be the guide. These Core Values are beyond priorities or random thoughts. These are the non-negotiables that guide and direct this church daily. These are the emphasis of all that motivates us to do what God calls us to do.

The Core Values, just as all other aspects of these foundations being built for ministry direction and vision are straight from scripture. These are not random thoughts of the world. They are not motivated by the world around us. These are from deep in the biblical understanding that guides our lives.

Let me refresh you on the Core Values that we have here.

Core Value: Intentional Relationships – Luke 19:1-10

What do we mean? We believe that all of our people should desire to intentionally seek out relationships with people inside the church and people outside the church. These relationships should provide the foundation for discipleship opportunities which lead to strong investment into the growth and development of Godly relationships.

Core Value: Spiritual Development – 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

What do we mean? As we work together to grow in our intimacy with Christ it is important for each of us to develop in our personal relationship with him. This involves ongoing communication and interaction with each other and with Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Core Value: Responsible Care – Matthew 25:14-30

What do we mean? We must always remember that all that we have and things we have become as a church is from God. We are His workmanship called to be good stewards of all He has provided us. Our responsibility is to always use His resources as He sees fit to build His kingdom.

Every ministry, building use, event, mission support, payroll check, and expenditure should be evaluated to make sure we are doing God’s work not our own. Every time we call upon our people for ministry service should be connected to God’s vision for our congregation. Every time we unlock our doors, we should ask how this will facilitate the mission and vision God has given us. All of this is for the purpose of caring for God’s people and God’s work as he has called us to.

Core Value: Gifted Servanthood – 1 Corinthians 12:1-7, 11

What do we mean? We understand that each person in our church and in God’s family has received Spiritual Gifts to be used for the edification of the Body of Christ and building His kingdom. We also expect that these gifts are given in conjunction with special abilities, talents, callings, and convictions. We must be aware of and involved in teaching and exploring how these gifts contribute to the ministry of the church. We desire to teach on these gifts and encourage their proper use under the authority of the Holy Spirit so that each person can serve in their God given capacity and receive the blessings and encouragement that come from this type of service. We seek to have each one using the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to serve the body and the community.

The challenge for each of us is to make a choice to learn these values, accept them and adopt them into all aspects of our church life. We may each have our own values and that is good. But when we discuss the work and mission of the church, we must all be on the same page and make these values the center of our planning and discussions. This keeps us all going in the same direction.

Today you have more information than you had in the past. I hope this makes it much easier for us to all be on the same team. We are God’s chosen family for this time and this place. I look forward to seeing how

God will unify us and move us forward in His direction.

-Pastor Gary