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Thank you to our COMMUNITY CHURCH PLAYERS - Please extend your thanks to
these daring actors who added something special to the Sundays leading up to
Easter.  The good spirit with which they "got into" their roles gave a new
dimension to our Sunday mornings.  In case you have forgotten who to thank,
they are:
Leslie Catherman - Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Harold Chaney - The Man Born Blind
Faye Chaney - The Woman at the Well 
Tom Bogle - Doubting Thomas
Ray Brubaker & Mark Kovach (with hard-to-forget helmets) - Two Centurions
Kim Kovach - The Girl in the Courtyard Confronting Peter
Jim Whinna - Cleopas, meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

My sermon next Sunday will begin with a quiz.  What are considered (for
about the last 1500 years) the "Seven Deadly Sins"?  I don't suppose that is
much of an encouragement to show up.  But I promise it will get better from
there as we consider "God's Prescribed Pleasures."   PRINCE OF PEACE Care
Group is scheduled to work with beverages and set-ups.


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