Our Distinctives

We are a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America. That name describes who we are:

-- We hold certain basic Christian beliefs: the deity of Christ, salvation by faith in Christ, and the inerrancy and authority of the Bible.

Free -- We are congregational in church government. While we are one of over 1,000 Evangelical Free Churches nationally, we are free to determine our own direction, apart from outside dictates.

We believe God has called us to make a difference in several areas:

In our world -- World missions is a primary emphasis at Community. The flags on the walls represent people our church has sent out to make a difference in countries around the globe.

In our communities -- Our members and attenders are active with service projects that touch lives here in our local area. We regularly support area ministries such as the Homeless Shelter, HELP Crisis Pregnancy and Turning Point.

In our homes -- Community Church holds regular classes to help marriages grow stronger. Our youth ministry helps parents and teens work through some of the problems that arise in adolescence.

In our schools -- Our ministries affect many students in area high schools and universities.  Our children’s ministries seek to share Jesus Christ through crafts, games, skits, and activities.  By touching their lives now, we are making a difference in the future of our world.


We have the following core values:

Corporate Values

We believe that God is a God of love, who seeks a relationship with us. Therefore worshipping Him is our highest priority.  Our ultimate goal is to glorify Him at all times in all ways.

We believe that God is at work in our world, and our primary responsibility is to find where He is at work and join in.

We believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Word of God, which is the standard for our beliefs, lifestyles, and ministries.

We believe that prayer makes a critical difference in all that we attempt.  Therefore, our church should be a house of prayer.

We believe that every person, both Christian and non-Christian, is valuable to God.

We believe that every person should hear the Gospel of Christ, and to that end we commit to sharing our faith in our local community and to sending, praying for, and supporting missionaries around the world.

Leadership Values

We believe that every member is a minister who has been given gifts to be discovered, developed, and deployed.

The goal of our ministries is excellence.  God is worthy of our very best.  Therefore, there should be periodic reviews of all ministries and their leaders.

We believe that all services, ministries, and programs offered by our church should directly relate to and advance one of the basic purposes of the church.  If they do not, they should be discontinued.

Personal Values

We believe that every Christian should commit to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth with honest accountability.

We believe in the family and believe that the local church should enhance the family, not place undue demands upon it.


224 East Old Highway 74
Monroe, NC 28112

(704) 283-8986