When I was young my mother subscribed to Good Housekeeping magazine.  It was there that I first learned about the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  Items with that seal were warrantied by the magazine. If the item broke within two years or less, Good Housekeeping would refund the purchase price up to $2,000. In other words, Good Housekeeping stood by what it approved.

This Sunday Community Church will hold an ordination service for Michael Giglio. Some people hear the word ordination and think it’s something that you buy out of the back of Rolling Stone magazine in order to perform weddings. For the Evangelical Free Church ordination means something much more than that.  Ordination is a process of dedicating and commissioning men to Christian ministry.  For the past four years Michael has undergone a process that involved licensing, writing papers on theological issues, and undergoing an oral exam before a group of pastors and laymen from across the Carolinas.

Sunday is the culmination of that process for Michael, an affirmation of the work he has done among us.  Among other things God used Michael to help us renew our focus on outreach which led to the COGs. We recognize God’s call on Michael’s life. 

Evangelical Free Church District Superintendent Glen Schrieber will join us from Jacksonville, FL to bring a message of encouragement to Michael and our congregation. The Elders and I will lay hands on Michael and pray for God to give him the strength and grace to carry out the ministry to which God calls him.  On Sunday the Evangelical Free Church of America and Community Church of Monroe will give Michael its seal of approval. I hope you will join us on this very special and unique day in the life of our church.

Warmly in Christ,


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Missions Emphasis Weekend  May 20-21

  • Dick and Sara Hart,  missionaries serving in Bolivia
  • Ladies Gathering and Lunch with Sara Hart, Saturday, 5/20    10:30-12:30
  • Dick Hart,  preaching  10:00,  informational session with Dick and Sara after the ser

Open Play Pickleball  Saturday, May 27  @ 9:30-11:30  am

Memorial Holiday Picnic   Sunday, May 28 ,  after the worship service on chruch grounds

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