From the Pastor

I recently read the story of a four-year-old girl named Melinda. Her favorite story was “The Three Little Pigs” which she asked her mom or dad to read every single night before bed. They gladly obliged, but after several months, they grew tired of the same story. That’s when Melinda’s father got a bright idea. He recorded the story on tape and told her to simply press “play” before jumping under the covers and she would hear her story. Melinda resisted that idea.

“But, honey,” he told her, “you can still hear it.”

“Yes,” she replied, “but I can’t sit in its lap.”

When we pray we’re not just telling God the same old story. No, amazingly our Almighty God is eager to spend time with us, but the only way we can experience conversation and communion with Him is through personal and corporate prayer.

There’s no end of stuff for which to pray: our nation and her leaders, our world and its threats, our church and its future, and our families and friends with their needs just to name a few.  Don’t just settle for a prerecorded message. Pour out your hearts to God.

Think about that,