Think About This

Tuesday is Election Day. Most of us are ready for it to be over. Yet for those of you who have not yet cast your ballot, I ask you to remember this. The presidential candidates, as unappealing as they are, are just the figureheads of the political parties they represent. Each of those parties has a platform, a list of things which they promote and will seek to carry out if elected.  This year these platforms are polar opposites.  Mrs. Clinton’s party (Democrat) promotes abortion on demand, gay marriage, LGBT rights, gun control, furthering Obamacare, and unlimited immigration. Mr. Trump’s party (Republican) promotes the sanctity of human life, the Biblical view of marriage, the preservation of our Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, and securing our nation’s borders to insure legal immigration. Your vote on Tuesday reinforces one of these platforms and the worldview it represents. In addition the new President will in all likelihood appoint three new justices to the Supreme Court. The decisions they make will impact our nation for the next thirty years or more. 

When you vote on Tuesday you are not choosing between Clinton and Trump; you are choosing between two very different worldviews, two very different futures. Choose wisely.

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