What is being politically correct?


Political correctness is a phenomenon which first hit America in the late 1980s.  You are probably well aware of some of the PC alterations people suggest we make in the way we refer to others and their actions.  For instance, consider those changes as to how we should refer to a middle aged man.  He is not balding.  He is in follicular regression. He doesn’t get lost all the time, instead he investigates alternative destinations. Finally, he doesn’t have a beer gut.  Instead he’s developed a liquid grain storage facility.

We get chuckles out of how absurd those statements are  but political correctness has become the norm in America.  It’s moved past the funny re-naming and instead focuses on telling people what they can and cannot say, and what they can or cannot believe.  If you don’t believe me, try stating before a group of people that two homosexuals should not be married and see the backlash.

On Sunday we will explore two of Christ’s statements which are among the least politically correct statements ever made:  that He is the only way to God and that the Bible is absolute truth. These two cornerstones of our faith are under increasing attack. Join us as we look at Christ’s statement “I AM the way, the truth, and the life.”  Expect a rousing care group time!

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